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Re: Cryengine interior Render

Great lighting and assets!! Any plans on releasing these assets on the marketplace? Those assets are from Evermotion. Since he owns (bought I assume) these assets, he can't do whatever he wants?Example: When I buy stuff on Evermotion I can't release them? you can use the assets in cryengine or your...

Re: Terrain Size Problem

@lavizh Ok that makes sense. That's what I thought. @cwright1 :shock: omg that is amazing, this needs to be in cryengine 5! That's impressive. I think a lot of game concepts would make use of this. If the cryengine team could fix your issues, maybe you could sell it as a terrain tool/plugin or somet...

Re: Terrain Size Problem

The maximum size for standard terrain is indeed 4km square. Early CE3 versions did allow terrain up to 64 km. I believe you can use earlier versions of the free SDK to make larger terrain areas and then import them into the current free SDK. For very large terrains, probably the only option is to b...

Re: War of Rights

you guys have truly gone mad. is the netcode pretty good with like 90 players? because not even Battlefield does that, ARMA 3 does all right at 90. pretty sure people would pay for a netcode template in the marketplace or as a standalone plug-in or something, and also for UE4 marketplace.

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