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Re: GameSDK 5.4 draw calls

Would you mind comparing perfomance (obv you would want exactly the same config spec settings & screen resolution) in launcher?
This would be most interesting.

The difference in drawcalls might be due to the renderer changes. But it is hard to tell what is going on without more information

Re: Tree's Flashing in Editor

You should enable debug views, especially renderer debug views. Then see if you find anything suspicious. Also check that it is not related to LODs Check if the assets are correctly set up. Imagine i.e. LOD2 being empty and when th eengine switches to LOD2 it appears as if the model disappears. A vi...

Re: CRYENGINE Wishlist Community

1) Video Playback card has been in for some time already :) 2) "Node Graph Shader is directly-exactly officially confirmed? Just in my opinion this is a huge step in changing the engine, but no information is available! Crytek, as always, is silent as...

CRYENGINE Wishlist Community

Hey guys, Vote for CRYENGINE features here So some of you might remember the old "What do you want in Cryengine?" thread. Since it got bloated, we've created a wishlist on trello. The categories mirror the official roadmap mostly. Confirmed features or requests receive a blue label. You can vote on ...

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