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Re: Load to engine problem

Hi, yes I did export the level to the engine. This is what the console shows: ui_action.actionExport_to_Engine Exporting terrain... Exporting merged meshes sectors... Exporting merged meshes list... Exporting indoors... done in 0.00 sec Exporting LevelData.xml Storing surface types... Storing Collis...

Load to engine problem

Hi, Whenever I have changed a level I save it and load it to the engine as I should (and always have) but now it has started to have some problems. When I have done the above I go into the level expecting some change to my level, but nothing has changed, everything is as it was before the changes. A...

Re: Editor plugins

I can neither build the Sandbox or the SamplePlugin. The SamplePlugin is because it doesn't show up in the CMake GUI and the Sandbox is because of the FbxSdk is missing.

Is there some solution to this?


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