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Re: Community Update: Sandbox Source Code & CRYENGINE Documentation

I think payment for Sandbox's sources it's fine decision, if it's will be applied. It may give some payment for Crytek from side of big companies or big indies teams, if they want to have whole sources of engine. But in generally, I think for small Indie devs, Cryengine still may be free. At least, ...

Re: BCRY Exporter - Blender to CryEngine Content Pipeline

Thank's a lot feedbackex ! It works! At last I have the fine working locomotion movement for my testing Character ! tVaE9p4LIdc also I share my blend file of this Locomotion ( XBot + few anims), maybe someone else want to dig into locomotion with helps BCRY.

How to make Facial Animation ?

Hi there! Is there any example how to make Facial Animations ? there are exist some docs but it's for 3dmax or maya( I need for Blender3D, at le...

Re: Why my 1DBlendSpace animation have some kinda unexpected rotations during playback ?

Well, I tried converts quats into euler (XYZ order) with help this script. (I find this script here

Why my 1DBlendSpace animation have some kinda unexpected rotations during playback ?

Hi there! I already have tested this three animation(Idle, walk, run) in character tool, they playbacks well. But if I make 1DBlendSpace on base these anims. I got this behavior of animation during playback: BDPnf78CaD8 1DONE-BSpace_forward.bspace <ParaGroup> <Dimensions> <Param Name="MoveSpeed...

Re: 5.4 Preview 3 | c++ | Physical impulse not working for linked entity

I thinks that `linked` is not the same as the `attached` this two different things linked may be used for some internal logic work (as helpers for example) GetEntity()->GetEntityLinks()->entityId... but `attathed` I guess this is that you needed, it's about transform's relation // for parent GetEnti...

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