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Creating A Rope Entity in C++

<Insert generic greeting here> I am creating a system that places a rope between points in game. The ultimate problem I'm having is getting the rope to actually show. Now I know the RopeEntity entity doesn't do anything (and if it does, its totally unclear and beyond complicated), so there's really ...

Const Char* in Struct Array

Hello! I'm using a struct array to define my building types, and each struct has a const char* name when I assign the building name from an xml to the according index and member in my struct array, it will return the whole name as long as I am logging in the XML iterator scope where I am assigning t...

Entity Property Types


I set up entities the same way that the official tutorials shows
The videos did not show how to set a property to a certain type, like a dropdown.
How would you make a property a dropdown?
How about making a range from 0 to 100?

Thanks for any answers

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