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Re: Wwise callbacks to cryengine ?

That's an interesting question. We indeed did not implement such a system yet but thinking about it I don't see anything particularly hard to implement. If there's time we'll play around with it the next days and see if we can get anything in for 5.6 if not then certainly 5.7. Where would you want t...

Re: The reason for using this all the Audio Middleware in cryengine !!!!

Is FMOD now complete on the cryengine? It will be with the release of 5.6. What is the FMOD upgrade in version 5.6? We implemented the ability to simply localize between different languages with Fmod in 5.6 and added support for streamed assets on top of it. The Fmod GameSDK project is almost incom...

Re: Curiosity about Miles Sound System

To clarify, PortAudio is more of an experimental implementation and shouldn't be used for production. It's really only there for testing our pipeline with another very simple use case and for anyone more technical in the audio field to take a look at and play around with if they feel like it.

Re: Sound problems

Hi, which build are you using?
When you set

Code: Select all

s_DrawAudioDebug = a
you should see the listener's transformation. Does the rotation change when you rotate the camera?

Re: Multiple basic questions

10. How can Audio be triggered from C++? Again this was pretty easy inside of LUA. Hi Jannis, There are several ways of "executing an audio trigger" via C++ depending on what you want to achieve. 1. play 2D 2. play 3D without explicitly handling the audio object 3. play 3D with explicitly handling ...

Re: LostTime

We were wondering what improvement can cause this jump ? Improving performance is an ongoing task for the entire engine team. Over time we identify and fix bottlenecks in a combined effort. While at the time of this writing 5.5 isn't even out yet we already have further performance improvements wai...

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