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Re: Get digit of a number

Thanks Chris, Good work !
In my case it's very easy because I just need the last digit of a decade
clockFG.png (59.48 KiB) Viewed 1645 times

So I just make a divide by ten and make a "floor math"
I need this for my real time clock to change material dynamically
And it work very well ! :)

Shadow rendering

Hi ! I have a bad shadow render on a mesh I make
pistonCE.png (2.6 MiB) Viewed 697 times

It's not the UV , the render on Unreal is very good
Maybe there is a setting to adjust shadow ? Thanks
pistonUE.png (1.42 MiB) Viewed 697 times

Re: Get digit of a number

My fault ! In this case it's useless , but if I want another digit of a big number like 123 if I want the second digit I must divide by 10. I just keep it for later ;-) I share the link where I found this solution: Holy stackoverflow xD ---->

Framerate issue

Hi, I made a flowgraph for a rgb light annimation, but I lose about 10 fps if I update frequency every frame (Interpol Color).
Is it normal or can be optimize ? Thanks you.

Re: FBX Importer

Ahh okay, so the current preview builds on GitHub contain updated plugins, including the 2017 version. Thanks a lot @eisenkolb it works ! :) Looking at that screenshot of your model in maya, it looks like you have a really ban Ngon. Try to always build in quads, and only make triangles if you cant ...

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