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[Cologne] Devcom 2018

The CRYENGINE Team is exhibiting at Devcom this year in Cologne. Got a ticket? Stop by and meet our engineers and indie devs; try the latest build and join our workshop! Don’t have a ticket, yet? There’s still time to claim yours. Develo...

[Online-Event] CRYENGINE Discord AMA with Michael & Nic; July 13th 2018

C# Programmer Michael Bosschert and Community Developer Yakir ‘Nic’ Ketteler are available for a live question-and-answer session on our CRYENGINE Community Discord next Friday. You can submit your questions around C# in CRYENGINE and as always, feel free to ask questions about marketing support an...

Re: The PIT - My Game Project

For some reason I couldn't attach more than 3 images, so I have to add more posts ?!
Hey there, looks like a really nice game, indeed! Looking forward to more updates.

The issue that caused a limitation for attaching a certain number of images to a forum post has been fixed. :)

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