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Re: Unable to signin Answers

Hey guys, we're still investigating this issue but it seems to be affecting only some accounts. Please send an email to contact[at] for help from the email address you registered with on for help if this is affecting you. Thanks!

Re: Free Assets Should Need No Info

Hey there, let me chime in for a second. :) Unfortunately, it won't be possible to release free assets without any information about the buyer in question via our marketplace. The reason for this is that by downloading the asset, you also agree to its license agreement, even when it's free. To be ab...

Re: EULA and copyright question

Hey there, sorry, just seeing this now, but I need to clarify a few things, let me chime in and give a more comprehensive answer: Our latest - and thus binding - license agreement for CRYENGINE can always be found on our homepage, here . If you don't have a special contract with us that states other...

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