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Re: CRYENGINE Indie Showcases

Moderator's Note: This topic is now locked. The last four posts are off-topic discussions that don't belong in this thread. Further, we don't discuss political propaganda in this forum, so the last two posts are in violation of the rules . If you want to make a game with politic connotation, please...

Re: CRYENGINE Indie Game of the Year Award 2018 - Cast your Vote!

The first three winners are up! *drumroll* Mexa - Miscreated game key ironvlack - ShadowSide game key graf_fridula - UAYEB game key Congratulations, please check your DMs. =) Keep voting and don't forget to comment as well, everyone, and we will do our next give-away by the end of this week. Cheers,

Re: Nvidia & CryEngine problem?

Hey there, usually CRYENGINE games run great on Nvidia cards and we wouldn't know of any factory specific compability issues off the mill. Have you considered the recommended specs for running KCD? Maybe your rig isn't up to the challenge? I posted them below: OS: OS 64-bit Windows 7 or 64-bit Windo...

Re: ECRYENGIN Wishlist Community

My desire is very simple and absolutely impossible - I want CryenginCryengine to resume support for old versions of its products. Because because people believed them and created their games on their engine-now, a few years later, these games no longer exist, because the company does not want to su...

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