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Hi everybody, My name is Orkhan Aliyev and I'm level designer at "Red Drop". We are not a company. We are just a few people who are trying to do somethings by the permission of ALLAH. We are looking for: ⋅ 3d artist, ⋅ Concept artist, ⋅ Lighting artist. If you...

Light shadows.

When I turn on shadows from "light entity" properties, shadows seems like that on most of models.
Can you tell me why it become like that?

Thanks in advance,
ALLAH bless you,
Have nice day. Bye.

Re: Material place.

Hi, I know that method. But when you do that, you must add a few materials more and each of your models's material will be multi-material. But the way that I said little bit different. Firstly you assign(the main material) to your model. Then, just click onto a new material and name it your "pr...

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