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Re: Quo Vadis Game Dev Conference 2017 - Darkness Anomaly debuts at CRYENGINE booth

I wish I could be there! But driving from Munich to Berlin and a ticket for at least 99 euro is a bit too much. Plus it isn´t quite helpful to skip class during the week before Abitur :? .
At least we hopefully see us on Gamescom. Maybe Darkness Anomaly is also there. :)

Re: BCRY Exporter - Blender to CryEngine Content Pipeline

Can anyone help with cga export? I want to export multiple animated objects from blender, but their pivots not in the center of coordinates 0.0.0., and when i make parent root for this objects (to export one .cga file ) they moves to root's pivot coordinates in cryengine. http://www.screencapture.r...

Re: BCRY Exporter - Blender to CryEngine Content Pipeline

Hey feedbackex. Would it be possible for you to make a video how to export cga animation into CE 5.3 ? It would be very helpful! Thanks Hi graf_fridula, I am considering this, but unfortunately, I have no enough time in recent days :( No problem @feedbackex. I figured it out myself and thanks to yo...

Re: What are you working on?

Nice assets birdeez! I´m currently working on the sword of my character. It isn´t exported to CryEngine yet (this render is made in Iray) but soon the Gold Knight will hold it in his hands :) .

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